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Career Counseling
Studying abroad is a big decision. it’s not only about choosing right country n right course but choosing the right career. At Arzoo, Counselors provide comprehensive counselingsession which covers all the aspects such as students interests,educational background & future career prospects. Comprehensivecounseling helps us to provide proper solutions and guidelines to the students.

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Course & University Selection
Course & University selection is of utmost importance & we make sure that the country and universities we are short listing are the best suited for career goals as well as financial plans. Our trained &experienced advisors play vital role in scrutinizing the university and course from the wide range of universities list across the globe so that you can choose best of the best course.
Admission Formalities
Once students have chosen the desired course and country, Arzoo education consultants carry out the admission procedure which includes Documentation and verification of documents, application process in which we apply for different universities, co-ordinate with the students as well as universities to get the Admission Letter.
Visa Process
Visa is an approval that grants permission to travel to other countries. After completing your admission and loan procedure, applying for visa is the next and the most important step. A slight mistake can ruin your efforts hence our counselors assist you step by step for visa processing which includes , filling visa application , documentation , visa –interview . We even conduct Mock visa interview to familiarize you with interview questions.
Assistance for LOR, SOP, CV
Letter of Recommendation, SOP (Statement of purpose) and CV are very important documents in your application process and hence we ensure that you present yourself in the best possible way. Ouradvisor assists you in drafting these documents and make sure that it is systematic, error freeand effective.

Application Fee Waiver:
Students applying through us can avail application fee waivers.
Scholarship Assistance
Our Counselors provides detailed information about scholarship provided by different universities which will help you to plan financial goals before leaving your country.

Bank Loan Assistance:
Financial Aspect plays a vital role once you decide your preferred university and course. The cost to study and living cost may vary from country to country and university to university. Education loan can help you reduce your financial burden to a great extent. Appropriate documents and accurate information can make your loan process hassle free and quick. Hence arzoo provides complete information about the banks and loan procedure.
Pre Departure Briefing : 
Study abroad is completely new experience one should be prepared for these challenges like, newenvironment, foreignculture, lifestyle pre-departure briefing is an effective way to acquaint you before you fly to your dream destination.
Part –Time Jobs Information :
Arzoo consultants not only focus on the current acquirement but we also take efforts to provide you better and sustainable condition in a completely new country by providing part time jobs related information and assistance. This will serve as cherry on the cake and will help you to get better exposure, experience and manage expenditure.